FireScope Stratis v2.1-1-10 Release Notes

New Feature / Enhancements

CLD-4135 Google Map editor and viewer

Updated google map editor and viewer enhancements.

Editor is now on the same page as the map as well as better point and click editing capabilities.

DB enhancements

Upgrade to MongoDB version 2.6.10



Ticket Information
CSP-5638/CLD-4677   Unable to plan AWS IOPS with current mongo CMI attributes
CSP-5626/CLD-4650 Fix Attribute multiplier being applied twice
CLD-4531/CSP-5571 Zombie ED (An ED is firing when disabled which is subsequently firing AED & POL of which is part of in an OR condition with other EDs. )
CSP-5661/CLD-4731 fix data analysis only showing last 1hr
CLD-4711 Operational Level Agreement Overview Dashboard Lens not displaying full Service components
CLD-4702 Updated edge device registration on edge registration, added more validation of missing info in key, account, edge device, conn info on registration of new edge
CLD-4581 Now able to filter virtual discovery results by name, ip, dns
CLD-4694 mw, fix after create retro, able to create future with minutes non zero

dashboard, if view private pages, if select shared page, fix page not showing dashboard, global nav, always sort page select box by name; prior, private pages sorted by fs_order (what page tabs sorted by)

CLD-4692  fix dashboard view all page types; for page type ALL, allow page id to be queried w/o type
CLD-4643   Create/update UEC Attributes with replaced parameters. Previously all UEC attributes used operations parameters. Now will use actual test and step names
CLD-4552 Add support for 'not like' for Event Definition Name, Aggregate Event Definition Name, Policy Name notification filters
CSP-5600/CLD-4578 remove notification flag when user group updated
CLD-4631  Performance Grid enhancements - added more display options for attrs and EDs with conditional formatting.
CSP-5607/CLD-4593  fix user group form, selection of lg and bp group filters 
CSP-5601/CLD-4595  fix adv ed not allowing more than 24 attrs ie @AA 
CSP-5595/CLD-4580 notifications, procedure send message, make empty message a warning instead of a blocking error
CLD-4535  Consolidate ServiceNow configuration settings for cmdb and incidents in the UI
CDP-5601/CLD-4573  fixed adv ed edit not showing same formula as when created
CSP-5587/CLD-4557   performance trends report graph, correct graph title for selected time range