FireScope Stratis v2.0-1-9 Release Notes

New Feature / Enhancements

CLD-3999 Service Modeler

Service Modeler

CLD-4084: Update Shared Dashboard UI An update to the shared dashboard selection/management view

CLD-3881 Text version of service explorer.

UI view option for text-based (not tree based) version of service explorer.

CLD-4227 Port Detail View - new lens

New view with information trend graphs for a specific port. Utilizes a new attribute operation snmp_sum() to show total bandwidth IO.
Ticket Information
CLD-4033 Need an additional [CI_STORAGE.FILESYSTEM] macros without a / for perfmon
CLD-4060 : (CSP-5314) Issues updating Some UECs . Fixed UEC Attribute Sets issue with imported UECs.
CLD-4069 fix edit of single agent properties not using job edge device; copy agent job/properties checks for single agent to multi agent edit; when edit multiple agent properties, click agent ip, fix double header in popup; dont show edge d...
CLD-4091 AppServer: Add Edge name into the names of CMI created EDs for attribute_results, edge_device_results, edge_device_state
CLD-4104 : Update Edge Device Scorecard with new Edge Attributes
CLD-4105 : Need CI/Attribute interval information in Configuration & Usage Statistics for CI migrations
CLD-4106 sn cmdb export errors, contain and scroll on long job error messages
CLD-4111 Using the percentile attribute with Calculated Attributes
CLD-4130 : REST API GET Schema update for notifications
CLD-4131 : Remove Network Dropped & Network Errors from Cloud/Edge Scorecard
CLD-4133 notification procedure of type send message requires a subject, message; fix validation of existence of user/user group; add required validation for remote command, service now description/comment notification procedures: adjusted ...
CLD-4140 custom map links: change "Link status indicator" from just ED to ED/AED/POL change popup selection to accept aed/pol; change render or status line to accept aed/pol fix after edit link, link change not shown; refetch map on save to...
CLD-4155 fix ci quick view, all vm cpu attributes being marked as %; now checks for unit, if % then percent bar, else just value; update vmware infrastructure to use new attributes 'vm_host_cpu_cores and vm_host_max_supported_virtual_cpus' ...
CLD-4156 fix show event definition dependency name in service explorer
CLD-4158 : CI MultiView Not sorting correctly; formatting issues
CLD-4161 Change Attribute web service to use description instead of operation as unique key
CLD-4162 - updated CI grid to only show associated Maintenance Window's icon if the CI actually is apart of a Maintenance Window.
CLD-4162 - updated CI/LG/ED grid to only show associated Maintenance Window's icon if they actually are apart of any Maintenance Window's. Fixed nav dropdown's not working correctly. Fixed create Maintenance Window grid shorcuts no longer working.
CLD-4186 fixed event def CI name not being properly replaced in service explorer
CLD-4187 (CSP-5439) add colon : to name validation for attributes.description, attributes_bp.description, eventdef.description, eventdef_bp.description,,,,,,
CLD-4193 (CLD-4096, CSP-5367) BGP event def needed
CLD-4228 fix notification procedure user/user group toggle
CLD-4236 ( CSP-5365 ) Maintenance Windows - not getting cleaned up after changes
CLD-4240 {DATE} and {TIME} macros should respect timezone and format preferences
CLD-4242 Change the ServiceNow metrics updateset to use attribute description instead of operation
CLD-4256 percent used on filesystem for Linux based agent discovery profile is multiplied out by a power of 1024
CLD-4264 (CLD-4266, CSP-5421) AWS DiscoveriesRACQ issues with AWS Discovery - Added support for Regions to the AWS credentials that are used by both discovery and attribute collection.
CLD-4271 (CSP-5374) missing info for windows_eventvwr attribute
CLD-4278 ( CSP-5441) CI currently in a Maintenance Window that has empty impacted_cis
CLD-4301 , CLD-4302 Notifications escalations -
CLD-4305 (CSP-5464) Maintenance Window are blocking all events! Maintenance Window are blocking all events!
CLD-4309 Maintenance Window listing for specific eventdefid now only shows Maintenance Windows for that eventdef
CLD-4324 fetch syslog data from edge device, fix save of start/finish time to be based on user timezone instead of vm timezone
CLD-4330 SG’s that are based on the LGs aren’t going into maintenance mode
CLD-4331 Maintenance Window puts all EDs in Maintenance Window when only one ED is associated with that Maintenance Window
CLD-4327 (CSP-5479,CLD-4294,CSP-5359) Issues with port 9443 with VM discovery and attribute collection