Organizations are embracing Cloud (duh…), however, Risk Adverse Migration remains the Issue:

A lot of clients, if not most, have started in earnest to move to the Cloud.  Most started out moving the easiest apps first, kind of like a ‘test run’.  And, some started moving internally to new datacenters instead of cloud to ‘get the hang of it’.  What we have found is that the easiest apps and services, i.e. the low-hanging fruit, have been the first-adoption scenarios and basically the test-bed for efforts.  As those ‘easier’ services cycle through, the more complex and higher risk migrations are now in play.  The question is…”how do I continue to meet required timelines around the more complex and higher risk migrations without disruption?”  Enterprise infrastructures are complex; and with complexity business leaders agonize over the question how to understand this complexity in its entirety; and, mitigate this complexity while meeting timelines and eliminating the risk to the organization.

The key challenges;

  • Complexity of environment
  • Clear, trusted and deep visibility
  • Dependencies between applications and business services
  • Risk and costs associated with business interruption
  • Tools that deliver comprehensive understanding and outputs needed for migrations

Regardless of these valid challenges, all organizations are moving quickly to the Cloud and need tools that help in the transformation. 

Our last blog post was all about “how” to mitigate risk; and, while that is critically important, the next question is “how do I start my cloud journey, or “how” do I now move to the complex migrations?”  The more complex migrations start with many applications being dependent on many other applications, and the inability to have insight into the complexity of all the services automatically makes it very challenging for IT professionals to define accurately risk, timelines and outcomes.    

We’ve been working on a new tool that is innovative and robust to solve this problem; and, know we can help you with the much needed visibility, clarity and outputs to reduce your risk and provide you confidence in your migrations.  With our comprehensive approach, driven by numerous customer interactions and implementations, complex Infrastructure scenarios can be seen, grouped, ranked and migrated with our newest product addition.  We are about to launch something incredible that will change the game for you from a technological basis as well as the cost and flexibility to acquire the service.

What if we said we can automatically map your critical IT Services and help you identify the low hanging fruit – and the services that pose the least amount of risk, and let you ‘lift and shift’ that complex environment to the cloud?  And, in matter of hours to set up?

I know that should spark your interest!  And, we would like to invite you to see a ‘sneak-peek’ of the offering…before the masses.   

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