How to overcome the Challenges of M&A Integration:

According to Institute of Mergers, Acquisition and Alliances 2017 is forecasting 17,000 + M&As in the North American market alone which is up 15% from 2016. For IT organizations, the post M&A integration and execution work can be a nightmare.

The biggest challenge is that you just added multiple datacenters that you are responsible for managing or consolidating, with no clear documentation of what’s in those datacenters.  Consolidating applications, workloads, optimizing the cost from different vendors for hardware, cloud, enterprise software licensing agreements and contracts becomes a challenging task and without the right tools and skill set the process usually gets prolonged, delayed and possibly can fail the merger.

At FireScope, we understand these challenges and built solutions tested through many consolidations, integration, datacenter transformations, digitization of information and cloud migration. Most IT environments are built with multi-vendor technology that includes legacy hardware, software and cloud-based services. Some are virtualized while others still on physical hardware or even legacy mainframes, and the complexity to get a deeper insight requires multiple tools. To understand this complexity and provide a clean, reliable and relevant data, FireScope uses advance discovery engines providing visibility to the entire infrastructure and map application dependencies. The advance discovery engine works on any platform built on a physical, virtual or hybrid environment.

FireScope's automatic discover maps how your IT assets work together and through our algorithm ranks the complexity and risk associated with each business service. The comprehensive visibility helps enterprises make educated decision during M&A and understands the efforts required to consolidate IT infrastructure, optimize cost and how to make the post-M&A technology integration a success. 

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