Intel security flaw and impact on performance:

Ever since Google released two documents detailing the security flaws in Intel chips, it has caused havoc in the tech community. Almost every CPU manufactured by Intel over the last 10 years is impacted by this architecture flaw. Microsoft has issued a patch to address the flaw last week and organizations are struggling to patch millions of CPUs. Users have reported performance issues with the fix by almost 30%.

An organization with a complex, hybrid environment is rushing to understand the potential impact and identify the CPUs impacted and how the fix will affect the performance of CPU, Applications and all the major critical IT services.

Here are some key areas to address and how to monitor the performance degradation:

  • Discover affected Processors: 
    • Discover all the affected processors model number, name and brand with FireScope discovery capabilities.
  • Service Dependency Mapping:
    • Map all the application and services depending on the affected CPU to understand the potential impact in terms of performance, availability and - more importantly - customer data that may be at risk on all business-critical IT services.
  • Monitor CPU performance and service degradation:
    • With FireScope monitoring get a comprehensive view of your entire complex Hybrid environment's performance before the patch and after the fix to analyze the performance and any impact on delivering IT services.
  • Application Risk Analyzer Engine:
    • FireScope's application risk analyzer identifies the complexity of application dependencies and the underlying infrastructure. Organizations can manage the risk while moving applications and workloads to address the performance issues caused by the OS fix.

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