Cloud Migration Bliss:    10 steps to assist in migrations.

Cloud Migration Bliss:    10 steps to assist in migrations.   

  1. Get immediate and comprehensive visibility into your complex environments (advanced discovery);
  2. Understand the relationships (dependencies);
  3. Visually map and understand those dependencies and the environment (mapping);
  4. Rank the present risk of migrating that service (analysis engine);
  5. Adjust dependencies, eliminate unused/unneeded resources and establish revised service (mapping);
  6. Rank the risk again of new service environment and approve migration based on a new acceptable risk level (analysis engine);
  7. Output the approved service migration source data and migrate the least risky services initially for a few quick wins (reports/data files/outputs);
  8. Migrate the app/service using the data sources;
  9. Map the service and all its dependencies again at its new location, validate and operate; and
  10. “Rinse and Repeat” until your migrations are complete. 

Step #11.  Keep the tool and store all the data maps and dependencies for easy, future adjustments and business continuity/disaster recovery use requirements.  Also make sure the tool alerts you to any changes or adjustments to any of the services on a real-time, ongoing basis so the work you just completed has continuity and documentation on a continuous basis.

FireScope has thought this through and worked with clients and partners on cloud migration.  FireScope Cloud Advisor provides immediate visibility into complex virtual, physical and cloud infrastructure to automatically discover and map how your IT assets work together; and ranks the risk for each business service for cloud and datacenter migrations.  And, it is quick to install and deploy (SaaS); start producing within hours; and priced for immediate value.

We are launching a ‘sneak-peak’ of a new product offering for datacenter transformation (lifts and shifts; cloud migrations) with a few VIPs with a short and informative webinar/demonstration on Thursday August 24, 2017 at 1pm CST.  Look forward to seeing you and/or your associates there!

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