Partners Lead the Way!

Partners are leaders in seeing how technology tools can assist them in providing a better solution for clients.  They are always interested in offerings that can assist them in lowering costs to clients, providing more visibility and speed, being a differentiator for bids; and showing how it can quantify reducing risk.  FireScope’s position is that tools for Partners must first be priced right so they actually produce proper ROI; that they be multi-tenant, and that they are easy to deploy and operate.

Today, Partners are taking on unacceptable risk which they price into their offerings.  When submitting proposals to clients today for migrating services and applications, without a proper and comprehensive visibility and analysis capability, becomes a gamble ‘at best’ for Partners.  Failed Cloud migration projects litter the IT landscape; and they have much cost and reputational risk.  Yet, there is so much reward in terms of organization, scale, visibility, sustainability, and cost savings for the client that the momentum for datacenter migrations will continue to increase exponentially for years and years.   Strong tools are critical in reducing the risk; and FireScope respectfully requests Partners to take a look at our Cloud Advisor offering.       

We at FireScope submit there are options available now you should review that are comprehensive, proven, quick to implement and cost effective to assist the migration journey.  Our tool will make your consultants better and provide greater value faster to the client.  We have taken our time understanding these challenges and are launching a proven offering you may want to seriously evaluate.  The product is easy to install (on-premise) or deploy (SaaS); priced perpetually as well as short and long term subscriptions, is multi-tenant, and built on a cloud-first architecture providing advanced discovery, dependencies analysis and mapping, is services-aware, provides risk migration analysis, and then proper data outputs.  It provides information on the full-stack also; not just servers.  We also understand the client InfoSec hurdles and built the product to not require admin rights.

Join this pre-launch webinar as it will definitely be informative for anyone tasked with migrations today.  Register for this ½ hour webinar…and you will get to actually see real-time product performing the steps.  And, if you like what you see a separate private overview can be scheduled for your firm. 

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Cloud Migration Bliss:    10 steps to assist in migrations.  

  1. Get immediate and comprehensive visibility into your complex environments (advanced discovery);
  2. Understand the relationships (dependencies);
  3. Visually map and understand those dependencies and the environment (mapping);
  4. Rank the present risk of migrating that service (analysis engine);
  5. Adjust dependencies, eliminate unused/unneeded resources and establish revised service (mapping);
  6. Rank the risk again of new service environment and approve migration based on a new acceptable risk level (analysis engine);
  7. Output the approved service migration source data and migrate the least risky services initially for a few quick wins (reports/data files/outputs);
  8. Migrate the app/service using the data sources;
  9. Map the service and all its dependencies again at its new location, validate and operate; and
  10. “Rinse and Repeat” until your migrations are complete. 

Step #11.  Keep the tool and store all the data maps and dependencies for easy, future adjustments and business continuity/disaster recovery use requirements.  Also make sure the tool alerts you to any changes or adjustments to any of the services on a real-time, ongoing basis so the work you just completed has continuity and documentation on a continuous basis.