Attribute value types

Is there more explanation available to the attribute value_types?  I am trying to send an attribure_incoming through REST that has a mix of letters, characters, numbers - should that be a value_type of text or string?


value_type Possible values:
0 = Float
1 = String
2 = Log
3 = Long
4 = Text
9 = JSON
  • I have a number of attributes that receive their values from fs_incoming and are mixtures of letters, numbers and characters. The attributes have 'value_type' equal to 1. The REST documentation does refer to this as 'string' but when creating the attribute through the gui you select 'character' and that is how it shows up in the GUI. I've never had a great deal of luck using 'Text' in any capacity and am not sure what it is for.
  • I'll ask for the documentation to be updated asap.
    What each of these mean is this (some more obvious than others):
    0 Float = Double example 3.14
    1 String = Character (max size 1024) example "Hello world"
    2 Log = Actual lines from a log attribute / Windows Event log attribute (Max size 65535)
    3 Long = Integer example 2147483647
    4 Text = Very large "String" maybe equivalent of a CLOB (Max size 65535)
    9 JSON = JSON (Max size 4096) example {"first_name":"Bryan","company_name":"FireScope"}

    Bottom line is, you almost always just need the String
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    Thank you Bryan